• Trivandrum, Kerala
  • +91 95670 92702.
  • Trivandrum, Kerala
  • +91 95670 92702.

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What We Do?

At CSCF we design programs that respond to traditional fishermen community need, are flexible, and culturally safe. We actively work towards collaborating to create whole communities of healthy and prosperous life in the shore and taking steps to conserve the ocean from the destructive threats.

We empower coastal students to:

  • Improve school attendance and ultimately school performance
  • Develop specific career pathways and work-ready skills, particularly on Marine sector
  • Strengthen cultural pride and Identity of indigenous fishermen community
  • Build life skills, personal development and long-term resilience through mentoring
  • Design and demonstrate activities for the enhancement UN sustainable development goals

We aim to create environments that foster cultural pride in its many forms and allow young aspirants from the coast to gain life-long skills that will enable them to truly follow their dreams from their surroundings and mother Sea.