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  • Trivandrum, Kerala
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Mentoring is a relationship intervention strategy that research is showing can have powerful and lasting positive impacts on behavioural, academic and vocational outcomes for youth at risk.

Many reports have shown that mentoring is an important tool for the engagement of young people from fishermen community and that it directly engages young Indigenous people in ways more mainstream methods fail. The generalised role of mentoring is to strengthen and maintain the positive benefits of a program, whilst providing role modelling and support to young people in the process of leading healthy and productive lives.

"Change Can Change Cultural Change (C 5 )"-In accordance to build a cultural change through education and leadership, Coastal Students cultural Forum (CSCF) initiated a long-missioned mentoring programme to bring up the young academic and community leaders from the coast of Trivandrum. CSCF had chosen 10 well-trained members from 10 coastal villages of Trivandrum as mentors. Each mentor will mentor 10 mentees for the up growth their personal and academic skills. Through this innovative programme CSCF facilitates guidance and support for 100 students from 10 pocket villages and all the training sessions were carrying out via these pockets.

Our mentoring strategy goes beyond the classroom with the benefits of:

  • Improved self-esteem,
  • Improved future-thought and a strong sense of autonomy,
  • Enhanced social engagement in community,
  • Cultural pride,
  • Increased engagement with improved performance at school,
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles and;
  • Reduced participation in risky behaviours.