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In many of the educational institutions that students from the fishermen community attend, their identity, diverse histories and cultures may not be acknowledged and this has proven to have effects on the outcomes of their tenure at school. Our aim is also to contribute to an environment whereby the Indigenous people we work with have a means of choosing whatever post-school pathways they most identify with.

CSCF's Response

We are part of a movement that counteracts these issues by facilitating access to culturally appropriate, community-driven initiatives because it is shown they are key in the educational outcomes of Indigenous young people. CSCF is aware of the cultural obligations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young coastal people and believe these can be harnessed as strength rather than a hindrance in their educational development. We are also aware of many of the barriers to a good education that are generally not catered for within the mainstream education system and are therefore not addressed. The students from coastal community could make significant achievements in the field of marine science and coastal studies. But Unfortunately, the general education system in India is not much established on ocean studies.

CSCF’s model engages student mentors or mentors with a deep understanding of coast community issues and strengths as a crucial key in the development of the educational confidence of young Indigenous people.

Our educational strategies also directly counteract issues outside of the school gate related to but not limited to:

  • Preventing future incarceration,
  • Using the strengths of the communities to drive social change,
  • Opening doors to meaningful employment or further education in marine science and coastal studies,
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices within the context of the indigenous fishermen community,
  • Creating environments that encourage a healthy wellbeing and cultural esteem which conserves ocean.